Japanification, Liquidity Traps & Chateau Latour

Japanification, Liquidity Traps & Chateau Latour (Report from BofA Merrill Lynch) Developed market equities are stuck in a trading range Investors continue to prefer bonds over equities (Chart 1). Until there is a secular bear market in bonds, there can be no secular bull market in equities. We think a bear market in bonds will … Continue reading

Medtronic Spinal Fusion Device Faces US FDA Review

A standard spinal-fusion procedure requires two surgeries, often done at the same time, Martin Yahiro, Medtronic’s senior director of clinical and regulatory affairs, said in a July 21 telephone interview. First, doctors operate to take a section of hip bone for use as a graft for the second procedure that repairs the spine, he said.

Amplify combines the company’s bone growth protein, known as rhBMP-2, with a ceramic device implanted in the spine for posterior spinal fusion through the patient’s lower back. The bone protein, marketed as Infuse, won U.S. approval in 2002 for anterior fusion surgeries, a lower-back operation performed through an incision in the front of the patient. It is also cleared for dental procedures and to repair lower leg fractures. Infuse generates as much as $800 million in annual revenue for Medtronic, with sales unchanged the past two years, Weinstein said.

Potential Found in a New Approach to Alzheimer’s

Activating sirtuin, the M.I.T. researchers conclude, “is a viable strategy to combat Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps other neurodegenerative diseases.”

Activating the notch pathway with sirtuins “opens a lot of options,” Dr. Troncoso said. “If we can activate the same gene we may provide a tonic for nerve cells under stress, and that may be of use in other diseases such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s in which the nerve cells degenerate,” he said.

Sirtuin research is a highly active field but one whose ultimate benefit remains to be seen. The sirtuins seem to be powerful players in maintaining the body’s health, but many aspects of their behavior are still unclear.

Also unclear is whether sirtuin’s protective effects can be elicited by drugs instead of by the usual natural stresses, like lack of nourishment. There are continuing disputes as to whether resveratrol activates sirtuin directly or indirectly. Much may depend on a Phase 2 clinical trial of resveratrol with Type 2 diabetes. The results of the trial should be known later in the year, Dr. Vlasuk said in an interview last month.

Should resveratrol prove ineffective, Sirtris has two small-molecule chemical drugs, known as 2104 and 2379, which are also in clinical trials. The chemicals can be given in much smaller doses than resveratrol. There have been no safety issues with any of the drugs, Dr. Vlasuk said, with the possible exception of a multiple myeloma trial, using very high doses of resveratrol, in which several patients developed a symptom common with the disease. The trial ceased new enrollment of patients in May.

“A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme, Lies and Fraud”: Howard Davidowitz on Wall Street

“A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme, Lies and Fraud”: Howard Davidowitz on Wall Street

The future of technology as discussed by industry leaders

Davidson, Carmel, Costolo Discuss Technology Deals: Venture

Markets Pricing In Global ‘Paradigm Change': El-Erian – CNBC

{{desc}} via Markets Pricing In Global ‘Paradigm Change': El-Erian – CNBC.

Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Blocking HIV, Controlling AIDS

Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Blocking HIV, Controlling AIDS

Paul Krugman and Niall Ferguson debate on Fareed Zakaria GPS

Paul Krugman versus Niall Ferguson on Fareed Zakaria GPS

Death Rate From HIV Falls 75% With Early Treatment, Study Finds

July 15 (Bloomberg) — Early treatment for HIV cuts patients’ risk of death by about 75 percent, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers tested two groups of 408 adults with HIV, the AIDS-causing virus. Among patients given antiviral drugs after their infection-fighting cells fell below a certain level, 23 … Continue reading

Chemistry goes green Behind the scenes, industrial biotechnology is getting going at last

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