Methods of a Venture Capitalist: Intro

We’ve read the quotation from Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus before.  Heck we’ve even had an experience or two that makes his exhortation universally intimate: “To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to recreate life out of life!” For no other profession does the power of Stephen’s words ring so profoundly true as in the Venture Capital industry.  For that is exactly what we do…we fall, we triumph, we facilitate those who create and by virtue create for ourselves.  We take the big risks when no one else has the gall to do so and in the process provides entrepreneurs the access to contribute to the avenues of progress.  We are the modern-day patrons of innovation, the Medici’s of the technological era.  The nature of our craft is to provide the visionaries with the bricks and morter to construct the cobbles of future industry and growth – the lifeblood of the capitalist machine.  We are not your everyday hero nor your ancient battling warrior, but we take pride in our contribution to the progress of man and in that our methodology in making innovation happen.

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