InvestorJabber: Gross + end of the 30yr bull market in bonds

Fed Easing to Signify End of Bull Market, Gross Says In an article today on Bloomberg, Bill Gross expressed views of QE2 that we’ve long suspected. In short, with interest rates near zero the Fed has no other choice than to stimulate through an additional round of quantitative easing: “This is not a Bernanke scheme, … Continue reading

The Money Players in biotech are back

ImClone Ex-CEO Waksal Is Back I’m following Kadmon Pharmaceuticals for reasons that are almost too obvious to state.  Waksal and his cadre of biotech men are considered in my estimation as the money players of the industry.  They successfully raise the funds to develop the drugs they can market to the world, handsomely profiting from … Continue reading

InvestorJabber: Swonk talks rationale behind QE2

Swonk’s analysis uncannily mirrors our view of QE2 – the Fed has no choice, but to inject massive stimulus into the market as a way to fulfill its dual mandate of combating high unemployment and moderating inflation. The new possibility that QE2 could include a total $1.5 trillion illuminates the drastic nature of anemic growth. … Continue reading

InvestorJabber: The Great Debate Ensues

Some time over the summer when the debate between Paul Krugman and Niall Ferguson became a financial headline, we stood on the side of Ferguson, fearing the untenable expansion of debt would slowly but surely drown US economic growth, a fate most gluttons suffer at their own hands. What a difference a couple of months … Continue reading

Dow 11,000 is just the start

Breaking 11,000 is the first step in a big move to the upside. Expectations of QE are lifting equity markets higher as anticipated. The Fed has run out of monetary ammunition with almost 0% interest rates, and has to resort to QE in order to minimize the chance of a double dip.  Get positioned for … Continue reading


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