We’ve always felt that introductions ought to be short and sweet.  Anything else and you’re promising more than you can deliver.  In the spirit of proverbial wisdom, we welcome all to Fatjabber – more an organizational tool than a blog, but a source of business news as it pertains to the financial markets, private equity and venture capital, and business writ large.

The name speaks for itself and the banner logo paints the picture.  We are here to muse incessantly (Jabber) on business matters the world over that will hopefully materialize into investing ideas that will, in turn, Fatten our pockets.  Fatjabber will become your information source as well as your forum to muse as you desire.

As we embark on this fortuitous journey together, we extend our well wishes to all pundits, investors, and aficionados.

Godspeed, FJ


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