Mechanism for US Economic Growth

  Economic prosperity begins and ends with Growth and its catalyst, Confidence   Fiscal Coordination – The debt-ceiling melodrama revealed the fierce partisanship between Republicans and Democrats on a national stage. It then and rightly so triggered the debt downgrade of the S&P, which bred fear, panic, and a loss of confidence in Washington’s ability … Continue reading

After Jackson Hole – 4Q 2011 Market Outlook

The financial world eagerly awaited Ben Bernanke’s annual speech from Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday morning August 26th, 2011. Market analysts and economists focused on trying to predict what panacea the Federal Reserve Chairman would offer to an ailing economy struggling to grow with unusually decade-high unemployment, low consumer demand, and depressed prices. Of the … Continue reading

USA Inc.

There’s a looming question in and around Wall Street these days that has caught investor’s attention – would you buy the USA were it a company called let’s say, USA Inc.?  Mary Meeker’s 300 page analysis of America’s financials provides an eye-opening account into the health of our nation’s balance sheet.  Needless to say, Meeker’s … Continue reading

Gross: “No Way Out” of the debt trap. We should pay higher taxes, too.

PIMCO’s Bill Gross came out on Monday with a declarative and lucid view of the US’ current dire economic and fiscal situation.  The most important piece of advice offered by the Bond-King came in his strong suggestion that taxes should be higher and for corporations too. “I think high-income earners would work well into the … Continue reading


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