Every now and again, we are fortunate to catch a quip that has the profound ability to excite, inspire, and light up our imaginations.   These insightful vinyettes of reality provide us with the emotional fortitude to take bigger risks, make bigger bets, and live bigger lives.  The SageJabber features a quip as spontaneous as they come.  Each recycled quip is then archived into this SAGEJABBER page, so we can always draw inspiration from these timeless words.  Enjoy the sagacity as much as we do.

“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to recreate life out of life!” – Stephen Dedalus, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

“All my life, I seemed always to be looking for something – never knowing what it was – but always there was the sense that I couldn’t and shouldn’t be confined.” – Steve McQueen

“The VC method of investing solves this conundrum. It acts as a bridge between the fears of the investor and the hopes of the entrepreneur. Neither party needs to accept the other’s view entirely. Rather, the VC method recognizes that both points of view are valid, and it provides a dynamic financing structure for navigating between the two.”

“Let’s be clear. The VC method is not a smooth, seamless step-by-step production line for funding new ventures successfully. It’s messy, complicated, legalistic, dynamic, and often acrimonious.”

“The VC method is not a cooperative arrangement in which investors benignly help entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. It is a hard-nosed bargain in which investors and entrepreneurs carve out enough to satisfy their incompatible hopes along the journey.”

“All businesses have inherent risks. The business plan should establish how to mitigate the likelihood of them occurring, but it should also establish the possibilities that might still be open to the company in the event that they materialize.”

“Character. And a moment of risk.”

“The essence of risk for the entrepreneur is the absence of the full required amount of capital and the need to prove the merit of investing more capital as the business develops.”

“But for the moment, it appears markets can stay irrational longer than the bears can stay solvent.” 27 September 2010

“The United States in short, needs to make things not paper, but that is not likely unless we see a policy revolution in Washington DC. In the meantime, our unemployed will continue to fill out forms and stand in line. We’re living here in Allentown.” Bill Gross December 1, 2010

“Financiers have lost their high ground and, if truth be told, we began to lose it a long time ago when we figured out that money was more than a medium of exchange or a poor substitute for a store of value. We figured out a turbocharged way to make money with money and proclaimed ourselves geniuses in the process. Well, we’re not. We may be categorized as “opportunists,” to be generous, but society’s “paragons” and a legitimate destination for a significant percentage of college graduates? Hardly. To paraphrase Paul Volcker, the only productive invention to come out of the banking industry over the past generation was the ATM.” Bill Gross February 1, 2011


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