By Hook or Crook

The big debate amongst our colleagues the past several weeks has centered around the importance of the housing market in ensuring a strong recovery. In the face of pundits’ claims such as one proposed by A. Gary Shilling that housing prices could be expected to fall another 20%, we have remained adamant contrarians bearing witness … Continue reading

The Market Bears come out to play

It’s spring time again. As nature has intended it, the bears are coming out of hibernation to forage for food after a long winter of inactivity. Such is also the case on Wall Street. The roughly +30% rally in the market from October 2011 lows to April 2, 2012 put the bears into their seasonal … Continue reading

Accumulation or Viscous distribution?

August’s performance in the markets was the worst in nine years.  So dismal that the S&P 500 lost -4.7% on the month.  But what has become more alarming for investors is renewed talks of a double-dip recession.  Mohamed El-Erian, co-chief executive of bond fund giant Pimco and InvestorJabber extraordinaire, places the risk of a double-dip … Continue reading


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