Frugal Healing: An Economist Article

China and India have led the global economy out of a deep recession and despite their impressive growth, they have potential some would say to grow even more.  For investors,  this means there remains still an opportunity to get a piece of the action, especially in certain sectors such as medical technology. Sales of medical … Continue reading

InvestorJabber: Marc Faber on QE2

Faber Interview on Fed Easing, Stocks Outlook, China Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report undoubtedly qualifies as an InvestorJabber.  He believes, much like we do, that QE2 will be a favorable boon for the markets. We have been contending since the first whispers of additional stimulus in July-August that the Fed has … Continue reading

Can China’s Boom Be Sustained?

Can China’s Boom Be Sustained? It appears that even skeptics tend to lean more towards optimism despite some rather alarming realities behind China’s shadow banking system.  The 11.7 trillion-yuan stimulus has certainly spurred economic growth (the IMF predicts China  to grow at 10.5% in 2010 and 9.6% in 2011), but somewhere underneath the calm waters … Continue reading

Update: US debt numbers

China’s holdings of Treasury debt post slight gain

Krugman to China: Take our debt and Shove It

China, Japan, America Since the heated debate between he and Niall Ferguson died down, Paul Krugman has managed to find another enemy upon which to focus his passionate efforts.  Defeating this formidable opponent, China, though will take serious political will from Treasury Secretary Geithner and the Obama Administration.  They can and should take notes from … Continue reading

El-Erian hangs onto Uncertainty

“The minute someone puts out a green light, and earnings constituted a green light, you’ll see people rushing back into risk markets,” El-Erian said. “The indicators that we look at suggest that the economy continues to lose momentum. The key is going to be ultimately is the economy creating enough jobs to make people comfortable, to allow companies to invest?”

Japanification, Liquidity Traps & Chateau Latour

Japanification, Liquidity Traps & Chateau Latour (Report from BofA Merrill Lynch) Developed market equities are stuck in a trading range Investors continue to prefer bonds over equities (Chart 1). Until there is a secular bear market in bonds, there can be no secular bull market in equities. We think a bear market in bonds will … Continue reading


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