After Jackson Hole – 4Q 2011 Market Outlook

The financial world eagerly awaited Ben Bernanke’s annual speech from Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday morning August 26th, 2011. Market analysts and economists focused on trying to predict what panacea the Federal Reserve Chairman would offer to an ailing economy struggling to grow with unusually decade-high unemployment, low consumer demand, and depressed prices. Of the … Continue reading

Update: US debt numbers

China’s holdings of Treasury debt post slight gain

Krugman to China: Take our debt and Shove It

China, Japan, America Since the heated debate between he and Niall Ferguson died down, Paul Krugman has managed to find another enemy upon which to focus his passionate efforts.  Defeating this formidable opponent, China, though will take serious political will from Treasury Secretary Geithner and the Obama Administration.  They can and should take notes from … Continue reading

Japanification, Liquidity Traps & Chateau Latour

Japanification, Liquidity Traps & Chateau Latour (Report from BofA Merrill Lynch) Developed market equities are stuck in a trading range Investors continue to prefer bonds over equities (Chart 1). Until there is a secular bear market in bonds, there can be no secular bull market in equities. We think a bear market in bonds will … Continue reading


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