Carbon Copy 2.012

Back on August 31, 2011 we made a prognostication that saw the market close of 2011 mimic that of 2010 (“Could 4Q 2011 be a Carbon Copy of 4Q 2010 for Equity Markets?“). We thus predicted the S&P would rally +20% from its August 22, 2011 low of 1,123 to close the year roughly between … Continue reading

Psycho-Analyzing the Market

In light of its negative reaction to an unimpressive March nonfarm payroll data, the market has sold off for the fourth consecutive trading session. Despite wary investors who now question the strength of the economic recovery, they all must take their eyes away from the microscope and look at the bigger picture. This top-down strategy … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Markets: M&A, IPO’s to reignite animal spirits

Seasoned traders know just how fickle the markets can be.  And just when they are signaling a big move to the downside, they can just as fast reverse course and move higher.  Our view of a 5-10% sell-off before a move to the upside is now threatened by the strength we see in the Fed’s … Continue reading


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