Psycho-Analyzing the Market

In light of its negative reaction to an unimpressive March nonfarm payroll data, the market has sold off for the fourth consecutive trading session. Despite wary investors who now question the strength of the economic recovery, they all must take their eyes away from the microscope and look at the bigger picture. This top-down strategy … Continue reading

InvestorJabber: Marc Faber, Honest Dr. Gloom & Doom

His honest and brash criticism of President Obama not withstanding, Marc Faber deserves the center-stage for his matter-of-fact approach to the entire global recovery, especially his take on Treasuries. In the long-run, for sure US Treasurys and most government bonds are a suicidal investment. But as a shorter-term timeframe, and I think for the next … Continue reading

Outlook 2011: Part 1

It’s taken us more time than most to come out with our outlook for 2011, but prudence eventually pays more dividends.  The Dow is on the brink of breaking the psychologically-significant 12,000 point mark. Yet we still find cause for caution.  We’ve gone on the record in August calling for a 5-6 month broad market … Continue reading


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